Improving Wellness

One of the most outstanding benefits of classical homeopathy is that it is one of the few forms of health treatment (alternative or standard) that helps to maintain wellness and even improve overall health.

The basic premise of classical homeopathy is that the wise and discriminating use of homeopathic remedies helps the person’s Vital Force — that quasi-spiritual will and insight that helps us move forward — to align itself more and more perfectly with universal energy. People who have used homeopathic treatment exclusively over a significant period can actually feel the improved alignment that happens in response to the correct remedy.

A second consideration is that since homoepathic treatment discerns the pattern of symptoms a person is experiencing, it’s possible to treat briefly when symptoms arise, not having to wait for a diagnosis. Diagnoses only emerge when physical pathology is more advanced. Treating the symptom patterns allows dis-ease to be addressed at an early stage, before the emergence of recognized “disease.” As a result, those using homeopathic treatment as a primary form of health maintenance often experience a significantly higher level of overall good health, with many fewer dips into frank illness.

Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on the totality of the person’s state at a given moment — symptoms, spiritual alignment, emotional and physical energy, and ability to function optimally on all levels. It is one of the greatest health maintenance strategies ever devised.

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