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Last weekend, I attended the Joint Homeopathic Conference in Alexandria Virginia. This conference, sponsored by the National Center for Homeopathy, and co-sponsored by all of the North American professional homeopathic associations, provided attendees with world-class information on the evolution of classical homeopathy that’s currently going on. The thing that impressed me most was that the most advanced homeopathic leaders are exploring how to address through homeopathic treatment the spiritual levels of the individual, along with the emotional, mental, and physical levels. This development parallels the integral approach that marks the most advanced levels of major sciences (e.g. physics, medicine, psychology) and fields of endeavor (e.g. architecture, engineering, business). As a practicing homeopath, I’ve been aware more and more of the implications of a person’s spiritual status upon his or her health and well-being. Homeopathy is a holistic healing modality, and this integral approach expands dramatically our ability to address a person’s whole being. I felt privileged to have attended the conference and learned more about the specific ways that I, as a homeopathic practitioner, can tap into new ways to assist others to increase dramatically their sense of well-being.

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