Homeopathy Helps in Emergencies

A client from long ago contacted me to describe the injury her beloved cat had experienced, asking if homeopathy could help. Her vet is on the scene, but there are things that medicine can’t help — and sometimes appropriate remedies can optimize recovery from a trauma or acute illness.

For instance, when I suggest to people what remedies might be helpful in post-surgical recovery, inevitably when they see the surgeon for a follow-up, the doctor is really impressed with how well and how quickly the patient has started to recover. The help that remedies provide in speeding healing is a reliably observable phenomenon.

Can remedies help this cat in his recovery from the trauma? It depends. To the extent that the tissue has not died, yes, remedies will help to speed the healing process. But energetic treatment cannot undo tissue death. To the extent that the injured tissue CAN recover from the injury, remedies will help to speed up that process.

It will be interesting to see how well the cat does. Injured tissue often has a lot more resilience than we give it credit for, so I’m optimistic that significant recovery will happen, even if it is not complete. Using remedies as well as engaging in other natural therapeutic modalities, including excellent nursing care, will give this patient the best chance possible for the best recovery possible.

Teaching people about homeopathic remedies that might help sufferers feel better in acute injuries or routine contagious illnesses is one of the services that I offer as a classical homeopath, once I have established a relationship with a client. It’s information that can lead to greater comfort in situations where no medicines are able to help, as with colds and minor sprains or burns. Remedies and accurate homeopathic knowledge can result in fewer and shorter experiences of routine minor ailments.

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