Can you Prevent Radiation Sickness?

With the radiation that is wafting toward the West Coast of the US from Japan, this question is making the rounds.

Homeopathically and nutritionally, there are some steps you can take to ward off radiation sickness if and when you become at risk for exposure to this contamination.

The most easily obtainable homeopathic remedy is Kali-iodatum (Potassium iodide in homeopathic preparation). You can get this in 6c, 12c, or 30c from a health food store or a homeopathic pharmacy. If you’d like a referral to a homeopathic pharmacy, please contact Rosemary,

The organ most susceptible to radiation exposure is the thyroid. If your thyroid is well nourished with chlorophyll and iodine, it will be much less susceptible to taking up radioactive material and sustaining damage. Thus, adding aquatic microgreens like chlorella, kelp, or spirulina to your daily intake will be helpful. Miso soup also contains nutrients that will help your thyroid to resist radiation damage. I hope you find this information relevant and effective. Warmly, Rosemary

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