How We Work

Who are the “care path partners?”

You are the most important one! Successful homeopathic treatment relies on active collaboration between the client and the homeopath. As part of our work together, you will learn about homeopathy and how it works, so that gradually you will become a more skillful participant and your sharpened observations will help to identify the most effective remedy.

Your professional homeopath will be Rosemary Hyde, who is certified internationally in classical homeopathy. She has been practicing as a classical homeopath since 2000. Before that, she was a college professor, teaching communications and folklore. Her doctorate is in psycholinguistics, based on extensive graduate study in both psychology and linguistics (the science of language and how we use and understand it.) Her published academic research includes such topics as health practice, traditional herbal medicine, and the structure of families and communities.

She has also published extensively in the homeopathy literature, and has been a teacher and mentor in homeopathy discussion groups.

She lived in France, as a Fulbright scholar and teacher, for three years, and is bilingual in French and English. She first became acquainted with homeopathy in France, in the 1960s. She has been a student of homeopathy ever since.

She started studying to become a practicing homeopath after serving as the primary caregiver for a close friend who was dying of cancer. That experience convinced her that the power of homeopathy was needed to supplement what was possible through medical treatment, and she felt called to qualify professionally as a homeopath.

After graduating from the professional homeopathy training program of the Caduceus Institute for Classical Homeopathy in Santa Cruz, CA, Rosemary added to her education by studying with well-known homeopathic masters, including Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan (cancer and serious illnesses) and Rajan Sankaran (the Sensation method).

Rosemary specializes in working with clients who are dealing with difficult health challenges, including conditions where standard medicine is not able to cure, or where sensitivity to medicine blocks standard treatments.

In addition to her extended study and experience in homeopathy and psychology, Rosemary has also studied extensively in medicine, nutrition, and spiritual counseling, and has provided coaching for medical advocacy and decision making, healthful nutrition and optimal supplementation, and dealing effectively with life choices such as relationships, career decisions, and end of life care.

Rosemary consistently has helped people cope successfully with issues arising from auto-immunity, psychiatric disorders of adults and children, allergies and sensitivities, chronic unresolved and undiagnosed ailments, and reactions to medical treatments. She has helped with palliating symptoms in terminal illnesses.

Her work complements but does not replace medical care.

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